Foreclosure? Words no homeowner wants to deal with. Many times life can get the best of you – often times the reasons are beyond your control. However, with some quick action you can save your credit score and try to get the home sold , preserve your credit and be ready to buy again when […]

Getting ready for a Home Appraisal

How to Prepare for an Appraisal To help the appraisal go as smoothly as possible we generally recommend you take the following actions and prepare the listed documents, if available, for the appraiser. Checklist: Unlock all padlocks on the property. Keep a leash on pets or remove them from the property. Make sure all areas […]

What is a Real Estate Appraisal?

A home purchase is the largest, single investment most people will ever make. Whether it’s a primary residence, a second vacation home or an investment, the purchase of real property is a complex financial transaction that requires multiple parties to pull it all off. Most of the people involved are very familiar. The Realtor is […]