Words no homeowner wants to deal with. Many times life can get the best of you – often times the reasons are beyond your control. However, with some quick action you can save your credit score and try to get the home sold , preserve your credit and be ready to buy again when things are back to normal.

One option that you have is an auction. Dalton Appraisals and Auctions can work with you and try to get the home sold before you are foreclosed on. We can quickly work with the lender – determine what it would take to sell the home and determine a sales price prior to auction day that will satisfy the loan obligation to your lender.

If you find yourself in this situation please do not hesitate to call us – with over 19 years in the real estate industry let us go to work and help you out of a bad situation!

We are located in Florence, AL and would be happy to talk with you 256-436-0660