There seems to be a lot of misinformation when it comes to selling Real Estate at Auction. The Auction method of Marketing is by no means a liquidation sale or forced sale. The traditional way of selling real estate is to start high and reduce the price until an amount is agreed upon. Auctions are different! We will start low and go up until the bids stop! There are many options when selling real estate at auction.

Some people still associate auction sales with distress, but these days that’s absolutely not true. About 11 percent of the time, auctioned homes sell for more than what the seller had previously listed the home for in a conventional sale.

A Real Estate Auction is like the old Blue Light special at K-Mart – everyone sees the light come on they are ready to get what you are selling!

Selling your home through an absolute auction means the highest bidder gets the home no matter what the bid. Setting a reserve, on the other hand, requires the auction to reach a certain amount or there’s no sale. This is a something that is decided with your auctioneer before the auction takes place

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